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Rising Star Early Learning Center A kid riding a bike with his father.

Above and beyond

Your child is in good hands at one of our engaging before or after school programs. Make more out of your child’s day by developing essential life skills outside of school. Without a doubt, a complete education is sure to add quality to your child’s life.

For children and parents

Striving to provide a home environment for your little one to learn and play before and after school. Knowing that your child is in safe hands will give you peace of mind throughout the day.

Working with your schedule

Between work and family, the life of a busy parent can be quite the handful. Make your routine less complicated by allowing us to supervise and teach your children outside of school hours.

Keep your child safe and working hard outside school hours

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A well-rounded education

Our programs have been tailored to provide your child with the best educational opportunities available. See what we can do for your child today!

Nurturing your child before and after school

Teachers are guiding the kids. Teacher showing how to make an artwork.