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Rising Star Early Learning Center

Planting the seeds to a great life

Offering a safe place for your child to learn. Meeting all of your child care service needs through kindness and compassion. Bring your little one into our facility today, so they can begin learning the basics and socializing with others.

Caring for your child

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We provide a wonderful place to bring your child during the day. A healthy environment, full of stimulating activities, will put your child on the right path.

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Featuring early childhood education for your child, inspiring a passion for education and developing critical social skills with peers.

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Preparing children

Get your child ready for elementary school by enrolling them in a kindergarten. Develop all the necessary skills needed to succeed.

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Children's program for any age

  • Child care

  • Nursery school

  • Kindergarten

Our comprehensive education center is ready to help your son

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